Tips and Tricks

  • Do not solve any mock tests-: Candidates are advised to refrain from solving any mock tests right before the exam. CLAT will be held in the afternoon and so students should simply relax and if absolutely necessary, revise important topics/formulae before heading out to give the law entrance exam. The trick to performing well in CLAT exam is to be fresh and alert while giving the exam.
  • Check computer thoroughly-: On reaching their exam hall, students should check their computer thoroughly. They should check the mouse, keyboard, monitor and CPU of their computer and if they face any problem in operating it, they should intimate the same to their invigilator immediately. Also, all candidates are provided with a username and password at their CLAT examination hall. Every aspirant needs to fill these details in their computer as soon as they are seated. On entering the username and password, details of the candidate are displayed on the system. Students need to ensure that all the details shown on the system are correct.
  • Manage Time Efficiently-: CLAT is a two hour duration exam in which aspirants need to attempt a total of 200 questions. Thus, one needs to solve each question in less than two minutes. Therefore, at any point of time, candidates should not spend more than two minutes on a question and if they feel they are getting stuck in one question then they should leave that specific question and move on to the next. Candidates are advised to formulate a time strategy and follow it during the entire duration of CLAT . Right before attempting questions in the exam, students should click on the question paper and all the questions will be displayed before them in a scrollable format. Here, aspirants should formulate a strategy as to how they should solve the questions. If at any point of time in the exam there is a technical glitch then students should not panic because they will not lose any time due to this reason. In CLAT exam, the system locks the aspirant’s time and so you will be given exactly 2 hours to solve the paper.
  • Stay calm-: Scoring well in CLAT is all about calming your nerves and managing time to perfection. The law entrance exam is bound to be lengthy. So, if you are not able to solve any question then do not panic. Also, do not get stuck at that specific question. On the contrary, move to the next question that you can solve. Also, if you are finding the difficulty level of the exam paper to be high then do not panic because others may also be going through the same emotion. Just focus on attempting your exam paper to the best of your abilities!
  • English Section-:The exam is sure to have atleast one comprehension passage. Go through the reading comprehension quickly and develop an idea of what it is all about. After this, start reading the questions and go back to the comprehension section where you feel the answer for that specific question is and answer it. Grammar and spellings related questions take very less time. So, it is advisable to attempt them first. Questions on Para jumbles are extremely scoring and so in the English section you should attempt such question first.
  • General Knowledge Section-:This is the section where students can solve each question in less than a minute. Thus, here candidates can build time to solve the rest of the exam sections. Also, if one is not sure of answers of any questions in this section then they should them for review and come back to them after solving all the other questions in the paper.
  • Mathematics Section-:Question in the Maths section are mostly from Class 9 and Class 10 syllabus. At any point, if you are not able to solve any question then simply skip such a question.
  • Logical Reasoning Section-:In this section, read each question carefully and further make sure that you read each and every answer option also very carefully. Questions in this section are mostly on quantitative ability and analytical reasoning based on logic.
  • Legal Aptitude Section-:Read the questions in this section very carefully and try to grasp the key points of the statements presented to you. This will help candidates in scoring well in the Legal Aptitude section of CLAT exam. The difficulty level of the exam is not too high. Thus, CLAT is more of a speed test. Aspirants are advised to formulate their exam day strategy by keeping their strengths and weaknesses in mind and thereafter utilising their strengths to the maximum in order to score well in the exam.
  • All the best !!!!!