Tips and Tricks

  • Mental Preparation: First prepare yourselves mentally for IIT-JEE . Prepare yourself to give one/two years of dedicated effort for IIT JEE.
  • Clear basic concepts: First finish your NCERT books as these books will create your base and you can learn the basics. Try to finish entire 11th + 12th NCERT books as soon as possible. The JEE syllabus of Class 11 and Class 12 contributes about 45 per cent and 55 per cent of the IIT-JEE question papers, respectively.
  • Develop problem solving skills: During practice sessions, develop speed in working out the problems. The strategy of solving questions, starting from the fundamentals, will spark thinking processes which are essential to enhance and master analytical skills with conceptual understanding. Aim for 100 per cent hit rate. This will give you a competitive edge. Speed and accuracy will also allow you to finish the IIT-JEE papers ahead of time, leaving you with time for revision.
  • Practice: Practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice, the better it is. With practice you are more comfortable with questions, also you fine tune your basic concept.
  • Develop thinking skills: This is a must. Forget IIT you if can’t think. IIT needs good thinker. Most of the problems in IIT test your thinking capability. As an engineer you have to think. You will be paid for your thinking power.
  • Judge Question: Develop habit of judging the question. This will come out of practice. It helps to to select easy questions on the exam day. Just by looking at the question try to guess the difficulty level.
  • Guidance: Take proper guidance from any good teacher. A good teacher is a must to clear your concepts. Also teacher motivates you to score more.
  • Get a mentor: If possible get a mentor. One who has already cleared IIT can be a good mentor. You can meet your mentor once a month and discuss your issues. A good mentor can really help you to clear IIT JEE with flying colors.
  • Stress Management: This is a must given the kind of competition you have to face. Stay cool and calm. Do at least 30 minutes of yoga to increase your concentration and decrease your stress level.
  • Take more and more mock test: The more mock tests you take, the better it is. Since IIT test is computer based
  • Time Management: IIT is not about solving all questions, but it s about solving decent number of questions in a given time frame. If you are unable to solve a question, please don't spend an hour on that, Move to the next question and try to solve easy questions rather than focusing your time and energy on difficult questions. Take more tests. Measure how fast you are able to crack. Time management is crucial in solving IIT papers.
  • Notes: Take notes of the tips while preparing for IIT exam. It helps a lot in last minute revision. Notes are your best friend during exams. They are handy. Books have tons of information which you may not need one day before exams. At that time, notes are your best friend. Always prepare good notes in your own language.
  • Make Schedule: Make a schedule for your study: Scheduled study is always better than last minute study. You get more time to understand the fundamentals and also can study without any pressure. Scheduled study gives higher output.
  • Take short breaks: First read for an hour than go for a short break. In this breaking time you can talk to your family members about some interesting things. You can even watch TV for that break and watch only those program that you like most. It will give a new power and freshness in your mind.
  • Morning Study time: Morning time is the best time to study as environment is calm and mind is fresh in the morning. It means you can grasp easily whatever you read. And don’t try to study for late night.
  • Revise regularly: There is no point of studying if you don’t remember it. Our memory fades away gradually. Without proper revision we will not be able to retain things in our mind. Revision plays a cardinal role in getting good marks.
  • Last year papers: Last year papers are good way to know the pattern of questions. Also many times questions are repeated from last year paper. Solve all the question of last year paper. You can get tons of last year papers at iit websyt.
  • Seniors: Seniors are best help to crack college exams. Always be in touch with seniors to know best books to study. Seniors can provide good notes too.
  • Internet: Internet is a free pool of tons of information. You can trust internet to get last year paper, sample papers, article etc on click of a mouse.
  • Avoid procrastination: Procrastination is your biggest enemy. Beware of procrastination. Don’t delay your preparation. Today is the best date to start. Don’t wait.

All the best !!